Altered Ego is a MACAA online exhibition juried by Liz Roberts. The exhibition engages with the fluid and untethered notion of identity, which has been complicated with the invention of the Internet. This invention has created innumerable opportunities for the exploration of multiple selves. Artists within this exhibition are engaging with the Internet's effect on Identity, the indefinability of self, and what the future of the self may look like. 


Selected Artists


Stephanie Kang  |  Laura Gillmore |  Melissa Huang and Drew Tetz  |  Tim Porter  |  Richard Haley  |  Mike Keaveney  |  Josh Gonzalez 

Stephanie Kang, No hay banda, single-channel video, 06:04 minutes, 2015  - Best In Show

Laura Gillmore, #selfesteem is a passion of mine, video, 02:00 min, 2019

Tim Porter, Current Location: Detroit, digital interactive, varied, 2019 - Link to Interactive Website -

Richard Haley, Attempt to Melt Into the Space Where My Driveway Meets the Street, Photograph, 2019

Mike Keaveney, “Untitled”, Scan with broken scanner platen, 11x17", Archival Inkjet Print, 2019

Josh Gonzalez, Night In, Video, 5:12 , 2019

Drew Tetz and Melissa Huang, The Most Beautiful Women, Deepfake video, dimensions variable, 2:16, 2019. - Student Award Winner