Since the 1930's Mid-America College Art Association has provided a forum for the artists/teachers of America to discuss and debate the issues of our profession, to share ideas and information of mutual benefit and to affirm the friendships and collegiality that bind us together. We are made up of art faculty, art historians, independent scholars, artists, museum professionals, and affiliate organizations; our conferences also invite graduate students to participate.



2019 CAA Conference, New York, NY

Wed., Feb. 13, 2 pm

"Respond and Adapt: A Fuse of Art and the Other"
In our current creative landscape, artists and educators must constantly respond and adapt in order to remain vital and relevant. What arises from this challenge often involve expanding, revisiting, and experimenting ideas through individual practices and pedagogy. How do artist and educator continue to maintain interdisciplinary, acting as a dynamic pioneer to societal trends and producing new conversation around issues in the society? How do educators engage and inspire students to push boundaries? This session seeks interdisciplinary projects that involve science and technology; integrating diversity; promoting collaborative venture; emphasize on the conceptual fusion of separated media, or to incorporate media/disciplines outside the established parameters of the arts. Studio practices that create a unique viewpoint of contemporary art trajectories are welcome. Assignments that broaden art experience for students in a more interdisciplinary and experiential are encouraged.

Session Chairs: Julie Abijanac, Columbus College of Art & Design; Chung-Fan Chang, Stockton University



Collaborative Practices to Activate Social Engagement: An Art History Case Study
Jeannine Kraft, Columbus College of Art and Design


Tactile Translations: Teaching in Three-Dimensionality and Object Making in a Flattening Virtual World

Andrea Myers, Kent State University at Stark

Alternative Education

Danielle Norton, Columbus College of Art & Design

Art+Music {Notations}
Valerie Powell, Sam Houston State University