Staring Into space

Staring Into Space is a MACAA online exhibition juried by Behnaz Farahi. The exhibition engages with the flat yet infinitely dimensional space our digital technology provides us. Each of the works in this exhibition mines this territory, resulting in an exciting and inquisitive take on our digital space. The following 14 artists have been selected for this exhibition and are featured below.

Edward Ramsay-Morin, C-5-11, 2016  -  Best In Show Award Winner 
Guen  Montgomery, Task, 2016  -  Second Place Award Winner
Robert Krawczyk, Gathering Rise I, 2011  -  Honorable Mention Award Winner 

​Jake Carlson, Petroleum, 2016  -  Student Travel Scholarship Award Winner

Shahar Kramer, The Cortex, 2017  -  Student Travel Scholarship Award Winner

Kayla Knapp, Into the Void, 2017  -  Student Travel Scholarship Award Winner

Joann Alvis and Tasha Depp, Cherry Tomato Tide on the Samsung SyncMaster, 2017

Michael Borowski, Berlin 04, 2015 

Michael Borowski, Paris 19, 2015

Michael Borowski, Stockholm 11, 2015

Bubblegum and Whiskey Collective, Blue Heirloom, 2017

Chloe Irla, The Hunter and the Hunted: Phases and Tides, 2017

Jamie Walters-Kessler, Space Odyssey, 2013

Kayla Knapp, Infinity, 2017

Joann Alvis and Tasha Depp, Michael Borowski, Bubblegum and Whiskey Collective, Jake Carlson, Chloe Irla, Jamie Walters-Kessler, Kayla Knapp, Shahar Kramer, Robert Krawczyk, Liza Linder, Guen Montgomery, Edward Ramsay-Morin, Jayne Struble, Jing Zhou

Robert Krawczyk, Gathering Wave I, 2011

Liza Linder, Pull, 2017 

Guen Montgomery, Up/Keep, 2017

Jayne Struble, Task 003, 2017

Jing Zhou, Through the Aleph: A Glimpse of the World in Real Time, 2017

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